Friday, September 11, 2015

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Apply To Host A Healthy Baby Home Party!

If We Can Get Monsters Out of Closets, Bring Toys Back to Life, and Heal Scrapes with a Kiss, We Can Get Toxins Out of Our Kids.  
What is a Healthy Baby Home Party? 
Seventh Generation's Healthy Baby Home Parties are fun and informative for you and your guests, and together you will create a healthy environment for your families! And of course, the most fun of all is the opportunity to get together and talk about your kids and the things that matter to you most.

The Healthy Baby Home Party kit contains educational information from non-profit partner Healthy Child Healthy World, a fun party game to help you share tips, and products and coupons from Seventh Generation, bobble, Zarbee's Naturals, and other brands.

Hosts and guests will also be invited to join us in asking our U.S. Senators to reform chemical policy. For more information on our perspective, visit:
 What is the Application Process?
  • All applicants must be members of Generation Good first.  Sign up at
  • Accept the Healthy Baby Home Party Application offer on your Generation Good dashboard and complete the application.

  • Applicants will be notified in mid August on whether or not they have been selected to host a party via an email to the email address assigned to their Generation Good member profile.

  • All selected applicants will then be asked to confirm their participation by accepting the Healthy Baby Home Party Mission and confirming their shipping address before they are sent the Healthy Baby Home Party Kit.
    Each selected host will then receive a free party kit in the mail. We ask that all parties are held in August/September. For full Terms and Conditions:
    *By posting this I receive an entry into a sweepstakes to win 1 of 100 Healthy Baby Home Party Kits.

    Tuesday, July 21, 2015

    My Cloth Pad Stash!

    So I finally decided to take a stash shot. Now I get to share that with you all. My stash is small but growing. It is comprised of 4 overnights, 2 heavies, 5 regulars, 4 liners, and 2 cups. I also have a wet bag and 2 dry carry bags. I also keep Divawash on hand for my cups.

    My pad stash consists of GladRags, Maxille Love, Party in My Pants, Pink Lemonade Shop, Mama's Fluf n' Stuf,  LillyaPads, LunaPads, Sewn by Tash, and Sew Sweet Creations. My cups are a Divacup size 2 and a Femmecup.

    All stacked up!
    I keep them stacked and unsnapped in a drawer.
    Switching to cloth menstrual pads was the best idea I have ever had. Do disposable pads and tampons look so pretty? I think not! Have you started with cloth yet? If not, what's stopping you?

    Thursday, July 2, 2015

    Sew Sweet Creations: A Review

    Sew Sweet Creations had a 1000 liker giveaway on their Facebook page and I was the lucky winner. The prize was two lovely and soft minky topped cloth pads. These were my first minky pads and I was thrilled to have won them.


    The minky pads have a multi layer bamboo fleece core and a layer of hidden PUL. The pads that I received are backed in anti-pill fleece.

    Sew Sweet Creations uses a ribbon system to tell the absorbency. A pad with a red ribbon means the pad is a heavy/postpartum. A pad with a green ribbon means the pad is a regular/heavy. A pad with a blue ribbon is a light/regular. The I received a regular/heavy and a light/regular.
    Sew Sweet Creations offers up different fabric choices for the pads as well. The flannel or minky topped have a multi layered bamboo fleece core and a hidden layer of PUL and are backed with corduroy. The cotton topped pads have a multi layered bamboo fleece core and an optional layer of PUL. They are also backed with corduroy. These styles are held in place with wings that snap around the seat of your undies.
    My first experience was using the heavy/regular pad. I was actually out and about that day at a bridal shower and I only brought 5 pads with me. I had 2 overnights (different brands), 2 heavy flow pads (also different brands)and the regular/heavy from Sew Sweet Creations. I used the pads that I had previous experiences with because I knew how much they could hold. Well after about 2 maybe 3 hours I had used all of them except the SSC pad and it was time to try it out. I was beyond amazed at how well it preformed. I mean I honestly thought that I would have to leave because even and overnight couldn't stay contained. I was able to stay to the end of the event using this pad. It was very lightweight and super comfortable. It gave excellent coverage as well. I was very impressed. Upon returning home I was able to rinse it out with cold water and put it aside to wash later.
    On day 2, I was able to try the light/regular pad. I was equally impressed with this pad. I used it as a regular flow pad. I was able to use it for about an hour or so before needing a change. I simply rinsed with cold water and put it aside to wash later that day. I was able to use it again on day 3 after washing the night prior. All with no stinks or staining. This pad even worked great as a liner. Again leaving no stains.
    These pads fit perfectly into my wash routine for my cloth pads. I have a fairly small stash so I must wash and leave them to dry over night. As I stated above, I simply rinsed them in cold water after use and set them aside to be washed later. It is recommended that these pads be washed in cold water only. I personally only use cold water on my cloth pads. I washed them with Rockin' Green laundry soap. As far as drying goes, they air dry completely over night if I have a fan on them. Without a fan they are mostly dry in the morning but may need a few extra hours. They had zero staining issues.
    All in all, I would definitely recommend Sew Sweet Creations to my family and friends. Erin of Sew Sweet Creations was extremely friendly and has great customer service. The shop is based in Australia and offers a wide variety of products from cloth menstrual pads to cloth diapers with much more in between. You can find Sew Sweet Creations on Facebook and Etsy

    *Updated to add I was not asked to do a review on this product. All opinions are 100% my own.

    Tuesday, June 30, 2015

    Sewn By Tash: A Review

    I won this 10" reversible liner in the Earth Day giveaway hosted by Sewn By Tash on Facebook. She offered an adorable "Go Green" print. The giveaway was for the winner's choice of a 6", 8", or 10" liner. I choose the 10" to use for overnight protection when a pad is not needed.

    The thing I love most about this liner is that it fits perfectly into my wash routine. I hand wash and air dry my cloth pads so I need cloth pads and liners that will dry over night. The liner washed up easy but had light staining as I stain everything except for minky fabric. I was able to use a stain stick and the staining was completely removed.

    Sewn By Tash cloth pads are made in Canada in a pet friendly environment. She has incredible customer service and I would definitely recommend Sewn By Tash to my family and friends. You can find her on Facebook and Etsy.
    *Updated to add I was not asked to do a review on this product. All opinions are 100% my own.

    Friday, June 26, 2015

    Why I want to try Skinny Teatox!

    There are many reasons to try Skinny Teatox teas.
    Skinny Teatox is a 100% natural detox tea program that promotes good health and weight loss. Skinny Teatox promotes:
    • Lose weight
    • Burn calories
    • Boost metabolism
    • Cleanse
    • Detoxify
    • Suppress appetite
    • Increase energy levels
    The main reason I would like to try Skinny Teatox is to lose weight. I the past 3 year since I had my son I have put on a "few" pounds. I would love to try a detox tea to help with that process. I have heard many success stories of how detoxing has helped people. I for one, am willing to give it a try.

    Another reason I would like to try is the possibility of increased energy levels. I have an almost 3 year old son. He is extremely active and some days I need all the energy I  can get to play with him plus maintain my household.

    If you would like more information on Skinny Teatox, feel free to check out their frequently asked questions page

    Monday, June 22, 2015

    Head & Shoulders Moisture Care: A Review

    Thanks to the good folks at BzzAgent, I was able to try and review the new Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Collection. I received free products in exchange for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.



    All my friends and family know that I love my hair, it's kinda my thing. I've always had medium length coarse or textured hair and I've always had dandruff and horrible itching. After having my son almost 3 years ago my hair/scalp issues seem to have gotten worse. Fortunately for me, BzzAgent seems to read my mind all the time! I was very happy to be selected to try the new The NEW Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Collection for textured hair.
    The BzzKit that I received included a full size 2 in 1(dandruff shampoo + conditioner), a full size co-wash, and a full size moisture care scalp soother along with a coupon. The 2 in 1 and co-wash both have pyrithione zinc with help with dandruff. They also have vitamin E rich almond oil and coconut essence. The Scalp Soother has peppermint oil complex and vitamin e.
     To start off you use the 2 in 1 dandruff shampoo and conditioner. It gives you 7 great benefits:
    • Removes flakes
    • Calms itching
    • Relieves irritation
    • Reduces redness
    • Great scent
    • Fights dryness
    • Leaves hair beautiful
    You just use it as you would a normal shampoo. The directions say to use at least twice a week for best results. For me it rings truthful. I typically am able to wash my hair twice each week but with an active 2 year old it can be difficult. I've been using this for about a month and I can definitely tell the difference when I can only wash once a week.
    Up next is the co-wash. I just apply it after shampooing like I would a conditioner. The co-wash is used to help prevent the reoccurrence of flaking and itching associated with dandruff. It has the same benefits of the 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. 
     The moisture care Scalp Soother is fantastic! You can use this product anytime, anywhere to help balance scalp moisture. You apply it directly to the scalp. It can also be used after shampooing. Just towel dry the hair and apply 15 pumps to the scalp and massage in with fingers. Don't rinse it off, just style as usual.

     It came with a great high value coupon for future use.
    All in all, I would and do recommend this collection of hair care products to my family and friends. This is definitely one colletion to check out.

    Saturday, May 30, 2015

    New Reviews Coming Soon!

    So I've had amazing luck lately winning giveaways, so I'm thinking I should review the products that I've won. These will be newbie reviews as I'm just getting started but they will be 100% honest. Here's a few pictures of my latest wins.
    Sewn By Tash 10" reversible liner (above)
    Sew Sweet Creations 9" and 7" pads (above)
    Fuzzibunz Adjustable Diaper 10-45 lbs (above)
    EcoAble Pocket Diaper (above)
    Pink Lemonade Shop 11" overnight pad (above)
    Thirsties Wetbag and Pail Liner (above)
    I look forward to sharing my opinions with you all!

    Friday, May 29, 2015

    My Shopping Haul!

    As I posted in my Glad OdorShield® with Gain™ review, here's my video!

     #GotItFree  #Joyineverybag

    Sunday, May 24, 2015

    I just played @HorizonOrganic #SnacksBingo. They're giving away over $4,500 in prizes!


    Cool new giveaway! Enter for your chance to win a Summer Prize Pack from Silk. #SilkSweepstakes

    Saturday, May 23, 2015

    Sweetbottoms Monthly Giveaway - Aden + Anais + more!

    Tuesday, May 19, 2015

    Sweetbottoms Monthly Giveaway - Aden + Anais + more!

    Monday, May 18, 2015

    A great read on postpartum facts (plus a sale!)

    What our CEO didn't know about post partum (plus a sale!).

    Posted by GladRags on Monday, May 18, 2015

    Thursday, April 30, 2015

    Latched On Mom: GladRags Cloth Night Pads Review

    As a GladRags Mom Ambassador, it makes me smile to see such sweet and honest review. A bonus that it's on one of my favorite blogs! Congratulations on making the switch!

    Latched On Mom: GladRags Cloth Night Pads Review: This post contains affiliate links, which means that every time a customer clicks through and continues to make a purchase, I earn a small ...

    Sunday, April 26, 2015

    Glad OdorShield® with Gain™: A Review

    I received this product free from BzzAgent for review. I have not been paid all opinions are my own.

    Two of my favorite things are the smell of fresh laundry and trash bags that don't break when you take them out. When I saw that BzzAgent was doing a Bzzkit featuring Glad OdorShield® with Gain™ bags, I jumped at the opportunity to try these bags.


    The Bzzkit contained One box of 40 Glad with Gain 13-gallon Tall Kitchen Drawstring bags, Original scent, a $25 gift card, and several $2-off coupons to help you share Glad with Gain bags with friends.

    As soon as my Bzzkit arrived I opened it and my nose was filled with the awesome scent of Gain! They arrived just in time for spring clean up and clean out. That same week I was changing out my son's Winter clothes for his Spring/Summer clothes. I placed all of his Winter hats, gloves and coats in one bag together tied them up and sat them in his closet. A few days later I opened his closet and all I could smell was Gain! It was utterly amazing.
    These trash bags are great for everyday use as well. We use disposable diapers on my son some nights and the diapers get a bit stinky in the trash after a while. With Glad OdorShield® with Gain™ bags, The smell is minimalized immensely. They also worked very well on tuna smell. I made a large batch of tuna and usually have to take the cans out to the dumpster immediately or the smell is overwhelming. I was able to leave tuna cans in the trash overnight with waking up to "fish market smell".

    As far as the gift card goes, I have yet to use it. But I plan to in the coming week. As of now I'm planning on buying a few candles and air freshener refills or maybe some large storage container for my bulk items. I will post a video of my haul.

    Thursday, April 16, 2015

    Friday, April 10, 2015

    Trying To Go Green: Coqui Baby The HERO Pocket Cloth Diaper Review

    A great review of Coqui Baby The HERO Pocket Cloth Diaper!

    Trying To Go Green: Coqui Baby The HERO Pocket Cloth Diaper Review: I love to have a variety of prints in my cloth stash and I love trying new brands and I was happy to try out one that I have never heard of....

    Thursday, March 26, 2015

    SweeTARTS Soft & Chewy Ropes: A review

    It's time to get roped in to the great taste of SweeTarts Soft & Chewy Ropes! The ropes are a delicious sweet and tangy treat. They are out just in time for Easter and would be perfect for baskets. We took the 4pk and cut them in to bite sized pieces and use them for potty treats for our 2 year old son. He absolutely loves them. When my boyfriend tried them he said they remind him of Cow Tales. He loved them either way. So much so that he bought his own bag.

    *Thanks to the great folks over at Smiley360, I received a Smiley Kit that contained two free samples of SweeTARTS Soft & Chewy Ropes: one share pack & one single pack and a sharing guide. I received this kit free but all opinions are my own.

    Generation Good #FightToxins Campaign

    Join Seventh Generation in their Generation Good #FightToxins Campaign.

    Please join me in urging the Senate to protect our families and our planet from toxic chemicals #FightToxins

    Join me in Seventh Generation's #GenerationGood. Get free samples, test products and make a difference in the health of our environment and families!

    Thursday, February 19, 2015

    Tammy's Luvs And Reviews!: Majestic Pure

    Tammy's Luvs And Reviews!: Majestic Pure: Lemon Essential Oil Lemon is one of my favorite essential oils.This oil smells amazing! My favorite use for lemon oil is to make...

    Friday, January 16, 2015