Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Cloth Pad Stash!

So I finally decided to take a stash shot. Now I get to share that with you all. My stash is small but growing. It is comprised of 4 overnights, 2 heavies, 5 regulars, 4 liners, and 2 cups. I also have a wet bag and 2 dry carry bags. I also keep Divawash on hand for my cups.

My pad stash consists of GladRags, Maxille Love, Party in My Pants, Pink Lemonade Shop, Mama's Fluf n' Stuf,  LillyaPads, LunaPads, Sewn by Tash, and Sew Sweet Creations. My cups are a Divacup size 2 and a Femmecup.

All stacked up!
I keep them stacked and unsnapped in a drawer.
Switching to cloth menstrual pads was the best idea I have ever had. Do disposable pads and tampons look so pretty? I think not! Have you started with cloth yet? If not, what's stopping you?

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