Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sew Sweet Creations: A Review

Sew Sweet Creations had a 1000 liker giveaway on their Facebook page and I was the lucky winner. The prize was two lovely and soft minky topped cloth pads. These were my first minky pads and I was thrilled to have won them.

The minky pads have a multi layer bamboo fleece core and a layer of hidden PUL. The pads that I received are backed in anti-pill fleece.

Sew Sweet Creations uses a ribbon system to tell the absorbency. A pad with a red ribbon means the pad is a heavy/postpartum. A pad with a green ribbon means the pad is a regular/heavy. A pad with a blue ribbon is a light/regular. The I received a regular/heavy and a light/regular.
Sew Sweet Creations offers up different fabric choices for the pads as well. The flannel or minky topped have a multi layered bamboo fleece core and a hidden layer of PUL and are backed with corduroy. The cotton topped pads have a multi layered bamboo fleece core and an optional layer of PUL. They are also backed with corduroy. These styles are held in place with wings that snap around the seat of your undies.
My first experience was using the heavy/regular pad. I was actually out and about that day at a bridal shower and I only brought 5 pads with me. I had 2 overnights (different brands), 2 heavy flow pads (also different brands)and the regular/heavy from Sew Sweet Creations. I used the pads that I had previous experiences with because I knew how much they could hold. Well after about 2 maybe 3 hours I had used all of them except the SSC pad and it was time to try it out. I was beyond amazed at how well it preformed. I mean I honestly thought that I would have to leave because even and overnight couldn't stay contained. I was able to stay to the end of the event using this pad. It was very lightweight and super comfortable. It gave excellent coverage as well. I was very impressed. Upon returning home I was able to rinse it out with cold water and put it aside to wash later.
On day 2, I was able to try the light/regular pad. I was equally impressed with this pad. I used it as a regular flow pad. I was able to use it for about an hour or so before needing a change. I simply rinsed with cold water and put it aside to wash later that day. I was able to use it again on day 3 after washing the night prior. All with no stinks or staining. This pad even worked great as a liner. Again leaving no stains.

These pads fit perfectly into my wash routine for my cloth pads. I have a fairly small stash so I must wash and leave them to dry over night. As I stated above, I simply rinsed them in cold water after use and set them aside to be washed later. It is recommended that these pads be washed in cold water only. I personally only use cold water on my cloth pads. I washed them with Rockin' Green laundry soap. As far as drying goes, they air dry completely over night if I have a fan on them. Without a fan they are mostly dry in the morning but may need a few extra hours. They had zero staining issues.
All in all, I would definitely recommend Sew Sweet Creations to my family and friends. Erin of Sew Sweet Creations was extremely friendly and has great customer service. The shop is based in Australia and offers a wide variety of products from cloth menstrual pads to cloth diapers with much more in between. You can find Sew Sweet Creations on Facebook and Etsy

*Updated to add I was not asked to do a review on this product. All opinions are 100% my own.

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