Sunday, April 26, 2015

Glad OdorShield® with Gain™: A Review

I received this product free from BzzAgent for review. I have not been paid all opinions are my own.

Two of my favorite things are the smell of fresh laundry and trash bags that don't break when you take them out. When I saw that BzzAgent was doing a Bzzkit featuring Glad OdorShield® with Gain™ bags, I jumped at the opportunity to try these bags.


The Bzzkit contained One box of 40 Glad with Gain 13-gallon Tall Kitchen Drawstring bags, Original scent, a $25 gift card, and several $2-off coupons to help you share Glad with Gain bags with friends.

As soon as my Bzzkit arrived I opened it and my nose was filled with the awesome scent of Gain! They arrived just in time for spring clean up and clean out. That same week I was changing out my son's Winter clothes for his Spring/Summer clothes. I placed all of his Winter hats, gloves and coats in one bag together tied them up and sat them in his closet. A few days later I opened his closet and all I could smell was Gain! It was utterly amazing.
These trash bags are great for everyday use as well. We use disposable diapers on my son some nights and the diapers get a bit stinky in the trash after a while. With Glad OdorShield® with Gain™ bags, The smell is minimalized immensely. They also worked very well on tuna smell. I made a large batch of tuna and usually have to take the cans out to the dumpster immediately or the smell is overwhelming. I was able to leave tuna cans in the trash overnight with waking up to "fish market smell".

As far as the gift card goes, I have yet to use it. But I plan to in the coming week. As of now I'm planning on buying a few candles and air freshener refills or maybe some large storage container for my bulk items. I will post a video of my haul.

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