Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My 2 year old is finally getting his last four teeth, the dreaded molars. Aside from him gnawing on everything (me included) he has been doing ok with the pain through out the day. At night, it's a different story. He wakes up multiple times crying and chomping just trying to get relief. We were able to try Baby Orajel™ Naturals Nighttime Teething Gel. It is a homeopathic formula and free a harsh chemicals.
Orajelbaby product 208x208

We have used this a few times this week. The first time we used it, he had woken up screaming I applied a bit to his gums and within about 5 minutes he went back to sleep for the rest of the night. The next few times we used it I applied it to his gums before bed and he was able to sleep all night. We are very thankful for Baby Orajel™ Naturals Nighttime Teething Gel because it has restored peace back into our home at night.

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